About us

Our story

Mayfa.. Where nature meets science. Botanical ingredients, medical gradeformulas to bring you skin that looks so good you will want to GO NAKED


Mayfa skincare, founded by Dr. Fareeha Khan, is the result of a decade-long passion for skin care and a thriving medical aesthetics practice in Brampton, ON. As a dedicated family physician, Dr. Khan realized that the diverse needs of her patients, ranging in age, skin type, ethnicity, and gender, required a more natural yet effective approach to long-term skin health, beyond prescription-based medication. This led her on a mission to create a botanically based skincare line that not only treats visible skin conditions but also serves as a line of luxury skincare products suitable for all skin types, optimizing skin health.

Dr. Khan's relentless pursuit of providing the highest quality of skincare products combines cutting-edge solutions found in nature, developed with passion and formulated with the latest science to deliver superior skincare. Her devotion to Mayfa is evident in her words, "It has been my privilege to be able to bring Mayfa to people. It has been gratifying to see how this skincare line has not only helped people to bring out their most beautiful skin but seeing the positive impact it has had on their quality of life." Mayfa's innovative and personalized approach to skincare ensures that everyone can experience the transformative effects of nature's finest ingredients, backed by science, and guided by Dr. F. Khan's expertise.

Consciously formulated

Indulge in Mayfa's innovative skin care line, utilizing clean science extract ingredients to deliver exceptional results while prioritizing your skin's health.


Explore Mayfa's everyday essentials, designed to provide a comprehensive and effortless skin care routine for all skin types.

No palm & mineral oil

Experience the purity of Mayfa's skin care range, consciously crafted without palm or mineral oil for an eco-friendly and non-comedogenic solution.

Without drying alcohols

Discover Mayfa's skin care products, thoughtfully formulated without drying alcohols for a gentle and nourishing experience.

Our values

01 Plant-based products

Mayfa takes pride in harnessing the power of nature through our plant-based and botanically-based ingredients. By prioritizing pure, clean, and natural components, we create skincare products that nourish and protect the skin without the harsh effects of synthetic chemicals. Our plant-based approach ensures a harmonious relationship between your skin and the earth, providing a holistic skincare experience.

02 Sustainability

Mayfa is dedicated to environmental sustainability and conscious production practices. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by sourcing eco-friendly ingredients, utilizing responsible packaging, and championing sustainable initiatives throughout our company. Our commitment to the environment ensures that our customers can indulge in our luxury skincare range while supporting the planet's well-being.

03 Empowerment

At Mayfa, we believe in empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty and enhance their skin's natural radiance. Our carefully curated skincare products aim to instill confidence in our customers, allowing them to feel their best while nurturing their skin with safe, effective, and gentle solutions.